KEERA Conference English Expo Dec 12, 2014 Videos

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1. Dr. Rob Waring: Extensive Reading: Going Places (KEERA 2014)

Powerpoint  Video

2. Dr. Jeong-ryeol KimWhy Are Korean Public Schools Not Doing Extensive Reading? (KEERA 2014)

Powerpoint Video

3. Paul GoldbergER, The Transition from Print to Digital (KEERA 2014)

Powerpoint Video

4. Becky Elliott: Choosing the Right ER Materials for Your Students (KEERA 2014)

Powerpoint  Video

5. Aaron Jolly: ER, EL & EW for Young Learners: Strategies & Sources (KEERA 2014).

Powerpoint   Video

6. Aaron Siegel: Helping Kids Read with e-future’s Graded Comic Readers (KEERA 2014 – commercial session)

Comic Graded Readers – KEERA – Nov. 12, 2014 PDF   Video

7. Dr. Rob Waring: Doing ER with Teens & Adults – Practical Tips (KEERA 2014)  

Powerpoint  Video

8. ER in Korea: Panel Discussion (KEERA 2014)


9. 강릉 임곡초 교사 최홍규  Development of CAT smart app for elementary English

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