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KEERA fosters learning and academic excellence by working with members, institutions, and individuals to create a safe, fulfilling, and academically enriching environment for Extensive English reading education in Korea.

Please have a look around our website for information about Extensive Reading, details of who we are, how to join and our list of upcoming events.

KEERA Event at English Expo 2014 Dec 12th at COEX

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We have just published the first edition of our new Journal of Extensive Reading in Foreign Languages.  please take a look and consider submitting.


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4 thoughts on “The Korean English Extensive Reading Association

  1. Love to see the Koreans are excited about using extensive reading to learn English, but I’m an American trying to learn the Korean language. Where’s a Korean extensive reading series that I can use???

    • Hi, Mike

      Maybe it is too late to reply to your message.
      But I want to tell you a good method that my British husband uses to learn Korean. He learns Korean by reading books and he showed tremendous improvements in vocabularies, reading and writing. He uses a book written in English but the book also has a translated version in Korean. He first reads the Korean version then he reads English version to find out whether he understood correctly. The books that he read were Harry Porter series (it might be a bit difficult for you if your Korean is not advanced level) and the curious incident of the dog in the night. You can find more books suitable to your Korean level if you drop by bookstore. Hope this helps!


  2. Extensive reading can be applied to any language learning. You can start with easy Korean books written for young Korean children. You also listen to the stories while you read the books. The key is to read and listen repeatedly.

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